Anoka County Criminal Defense Lawyer

Being arrested is a frightening experience, as it means your future is at risk and is even more uncertain than it was before. Whether you are innocent or guilty of the crime that you have been accused of, you need an attorney by your side from the start of your case until a resolution has been reached. Even if innocent, a misunderstanding can easily turn into a conviction if the facts aren’t presented to show what your role truly was or wasn’t in the case.

Criminal Defense Lawyer In Anoka County, MN

Our law firm represents clients all over Anoka County that have been arrested, accused, suspected, or convicted of crimes. Whether you have been arrested for a misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor, or a felony, we have the know-how and the experience to give you the legal assistance that you require to have your case dismissed, be acquitted of the crime, or have the charges dismissed so the penalties are reduced in case you are convicted. Below is a list of charges we can assist you with:

Protecting Your Rights

Even if you are guilty of the crime you are accused of, you do have rights. You have constitutional rights that must be followed by the arresting officer, the department, and all involved in the investigation against you. If your rights have been violated in any way, then your arrest could be deemed invalid. If that’s the case, the charges against you may be dropped and you can move on with your life.

In order to determine whether or not your rights were violated during the arrest procedure, we will evaluate every step that was taken against you. If your Miranda Rights were not read to you, you were injured, or you were not allowed to contact a lawyer, we can prove these facts and present them to the court.

Criminal Attorney In Anoka County, Minnesota

There are many options available to you and Christian Patterson will review these options with you. You have control over your case, but we guide you in the right direction so you can have the best outcome possible. It is very important that the process itself is one that is as stress free as possible so that you can concentrate on your future. To schedule a free and confidential initial consultation, call 612-269-1902.