Burnsville Criminal Defense Lawyer

The arrest process can seem rather chaotic and that’s because it is. It can be very difficult to understand what is going on from the moment you are accused, handcuffed, taken to the police department, and then questioned. It is very tempting to start telling law enforcement what really happened, but the unfortunate thing is that they can use anything you say against you in court, as stated by the Miranda Rights that they are required to read to you upon your arrest. All in all, it is best to not say anything until you are able to call your Burnsville criminal defense lawyer. You do not even have to answer any questions until your attorney is present. This in itself can help your case.

Criminal Defense Lawyer In Burnsville, MN

We have helped our Burnsville clients achieve acquittals and reduced charges and sentences after being accused of a number of crimes. We take a personal approach because we take the charges against you personally. We also give you the support that you need during an emotionally difficult time, telling you every step that we are going to take before we take it. It is your case, so you deserve to know what is happening before it happens and as it happens so that the right decisions are made. Below is a list of the areas in which we have provided representation:

Aggressive Criminal Defense

In order to have an effective defense, there is a degree of aggression involved. The prosecution is going to be aggressive toward achieving a conviction. This means they have to be met with someone who is even more aggressive at proving your innocence or showing the court that what the prosecution says happened didn’t really happen. We look at every angle of your case so that anything the prosecution presents can be countered by us. You cannot be convicted if there is any doubt that you are guilty of the crime.

Criminal Attorney In Burnsville, Minnesota

When charged with a crime, there is no time to waste. There is no question as to how confused you may feel, but know that Christian Patterson has the experience and the compassion needed to relieve that confusion. You can expect to be presented with a plan that will outline your line of defense. This in itself can relieve the anxiety, giving you hope toward a better future. Contact us today at 612-269-1902 for a free and confidential initial consultation.