Carver County Criminal Defense Lawyer

No one wants to be accused of a crime. It does not matter if there is a degree of guilt or none at all. A criminal charge can mean lifelong consequences that affect every area of life from employment and finding a place to live to being able to go back to school or acquire certain types of insurance. Of course, the exact consequences depend upon the crime, previous offenses, and a variety of other factors. Your Carver County criminal attorney can work with you affordably, honestly, and effectively to make sure you are treated fairly from the start of your case to its conclusion.

Criminal Defense Lawyer In Carver County, MN

It can be much easier to be accused of a crime than what most people think. It is astounding how many times an accusation is due to a person driving the wrong car or being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Innocent people are accused all of the time and those that do have some degree of guilt tend to see charges that do not match their involvement in the crime. No matter the reason for the charge, we are a Carver County law firm that has represented clients in the most aggressive manner. The following are areas in which we have helped clients reach the fairest outcome:

Don’t Just Accept The Charges

It is important that you don’t just accept the charges. Unfortunately, there are individuals who feel that it is best they take what the court has to dish out at them. Then again, innocent individuals think they are going to be able to prove their innocence without an attorney working with them. Unfortunately, the prosecution is concerned with winning a case and not your innocence. If they have evidence that even suggests you are guilty and you have nothing to prove otherwise, you could find yourself in jail, paying large fines, and with a criminal record that could affect you for the rest of your life. Your attorney is able to show the facts and prove what really happened so that you receive the correct outcome and not the maximum the prosecution is seeking.

Criminal Attorney Carver County, Minnesota

When you have been accused of a crime, there is no time to waste. Calling Christian Patterson as soon as you know you have been arrested or the moment you know you are being investigated means work starts on your case as soon as possible. It is important to start work on your case early in the process because the facts are fresh. So contact us today at 612-269-1902 for a free and confidential initial consultation.