Child Protection (CHIPS)

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Each county in the State of Minnesota has a child protection agency that is responsible for stepping in and caring for children when their parents are not able to care for their basic health, safety, and welfare. This can sometimes be a stressful situation, as the county often does this by removing children from the family home. If child protection has become involved with your family. Mr. Peterson is an experienced Minneapolis divorce attorney that can help you through this difficult time.

The child protection process

Child protection becomes involved with a family when the agency feels that parents are not caring for a child(ren)’s emotional, physical, or educational welfare. In that situation, a child support social worker may contact the family to begin either voluntary or involuntary child protection services.

With voluntary services, the social worker would help the family access services that would restore the family’s ability to parent without court intervention. In an involuntary case, the county would file a Child In Need of Protection or Services (CHIPS) petition with the court to force the family to access services.

Removal from the home

In some situations, social services may feel that the child is in immediate danger of harm by remaining in the family home. In that case, they may remove the child and request an Emergency Protective Care (EPC) hearing. This hearing must be requested within 72 hours of the child(ren)’s removal. A CHIPS petition must also be filed within that time, or the child(ren) must be returned home. At the EPC hearing, a judge would decide whether to place the child(ren) in foster care, or return them to their family.

Permanency and Termination of Parental Rights

If a judge places children with foster care, social services must allow the family access to services to attempt to reunite the family. However, they are only required to do that for a limited period of time. If the family does not restore their ability to parent the child(ren) within that time period, the county will file a petition to terminate parental rights. If successful, the children would be placed up for adoption by another family.

Child protection cases are very serious and immensely complicated. If you become involved in one of these matters it is essential that you seek the advice of a Minneapolis family law attorney.

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