Client Testimonials

Joe says, “Knowing the system counts!”

I worked with Christian for an incident that happened to me several years ago.  I didn’t think there was anything I could do except plead guilty and accept the consequences.  But Christian, having a knowledge of the court room and familiarity with the law was able to work with the prosecutor and the judge to get me a stay of adjudication (keep a conviction off my record).

Mike says,”He helped me through a tough time in my life.”

Christian helped me out when I got arrested on a warrant after I missed court for a DWI.  He answered my phone call from jail and was there as soon as possible to get me out.  He worked out a great deal for me that let me keep my license so that I could drive to work, and kept charges off my record.  He saved me a lot of stress and got me back on track.

Heather says, “He stood up for me and my children.”

I came to Christian to get out of an abusive relationship.  He took the time to listen to me and explained things in a way that put me at ease.  When my ex tried to get full custody of my kids, he stood up for me and fought for my interests in court.

Paul says, “He worked night and day on my case.”

I hired Christian when the county tried to take my kids away.  I knew I was a good father, and Christian believed in me.  He worked tirelessly on my case and defended me in court.  You won’t find a harder working attorney.

More rave reviews coming soon!