Detox, Bail Bond, and Jail Release

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Once you have been arrested under suspicion that you committed a criminal offense, the prosecutor must charge you with a crime within a short period of time.  If you are charged within that time period, the jail will hold you in custody until you can be seen by a judge.  However, as Mr. Peterson is an experienced Minnesota detox and jail release defense attorney, he can often get you released prior to court by making a few phone calls.

The booking process

Once you are arrested by the police and brought to jail, you are usually “booked” under probable cause to believe you have committed a crime.  At this point, you have not been charged with anything.  Rather, the police have submitted their reports to the prosecuting attorney, who will decide whether criminal charges are appropriate.

In all cases, you can be held no longer than 36 hours without being charged.  That time can be extended to 48 hours or longer by a judge if there is good cause to do so.  If you are not charged within that time period, you must be released.

Bail, bonds, and release conditions

Depending on the nature of your charges, your criminal history, and other factors, a judge may require that you post bail or abide by certain release conditions before you are released from jail.  If bail is set, then you must provide the jail with that amount of money before they will release you.  That money is posted to insure that you return to court when ordered, and can be forfeited if you fail to appear.  Once your case is finished, the jail will return that money after taking out any fine or court cost payments.

If you cannot afford to post the full bail amount, you may be able to purchase a bond from a bonding company.  In exchange for a small payment, the bonding company will post the full bail amount for you.  In purchasing a bond, you usually agree that if you fail to appear in court the bonding company may apprehend you and bring you back to jail.

Mr. Peterson can help you be released from jail early, contract with a bonding company at an affordable rate, or reduce your bail to a reasonable amount.

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