Drug Crimes

Drug Crime Attorney in Shakopee, Minnesota

In Minnesota a person can be charged with a drug crime if they possess, sell or manufacture illegal drugs such as marijuana, methamphetamine, or cocaine.  They can also be charged with a drug crime for possessing, selling or prescribing drugs or medications without a valid prescription.  Individuals can also be sentenced for possessing, selling or manufacturing a substance made to look or be sold as an illegal drug.  If you have been charged witha  drug crime, Mr. Peterson is an experienced Minnesota drug crimes attorney that can help you defend your rights in court.

Types of drug crimes

Most drug crimes are felony level offenses.  The penalties depend on the type of drug involved as well as the quantity.  It also depends on whether the offender is accused of possession, sale, or manufacture.  Sentences can be enhanced and involve minimum prison terms if the defendant is a repeat offender, if they sold drugs to minors, or if they used a gun during the sale.

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