Ex Parte/Emergency Orders

Ex Parte/Emergency Order Attorney in Shakopee, Minnesota Including Scott County, Carver County and Dakota County

Generally whenever a party files a motion in court, the opposing party must be given an opportunity to be heard by before the court orders any kind of relief. However, in certain emergency situations, a party may petition the court for “ex parte” relief. In such cases, the court will order the relief that party is seeking prior to any hearing. If you believe you have an issue requiring ex parte relief, you need to seek Mr. Peterson’s help immediately. He is a dedicated Mineapolis divorce attorney that will vigorously seek to defend your interests.

Basis for ex parte orders

Ex parte orders are an emergency remedy, and should only be sought when there is a serious need. Examples of serious need include:

  • Domestic violence or abuse
  • Kidnapping or intentional interference with custody orders
  • Emergency injunctions
  • Failure to abide by a contempt order

In all cases, an ex parte motion would need to be filed with the court. The opposing party is entitled to notice of such a motion, and could eventually request a hearing to determine whether the order should continue to remain in effect.

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