Expungement Attorney in Shakopee, Minnesota

An expungement is a court order that seals a person’s criminal records so that they cannot be seen in a background check or otherwise viewed by the public.  If you are looking to start fresh with a clean criminal record, Mr. Peterson is an experienced Minnesota expungement attorney that may be able to help.

The Expungement Process

Your “criminal record” is not a centrally located record of your criminal history like many people believe.  It is actually a collection of records kept by the court as well as law enforcement, prosecutors, and other executive branch agencies.  These records contain data on your criminal past, including:

  • Your charges
  • Details of the offense
  • Location of the offense
  • Court information
  • Sentencing information

Many of these records, such as court records, are public and can be accessed online or at any courthouse.  A person files a petition for an expungement to ask that a judge to seal those records so that they can only be viewed by a court order.

Do I qualify for an expungement?

The expungement process is complicated and not everyone qualifies to have their records sealed.  Many factors govern whether a court can and will grant someone an expungement.  These include, but are not limited to:

  • Nature of the offense to be expunged
  • Your criminal history
  • Rehabilitation efforts since the offense
  • Reason why the expungement is being sought

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