Legal Guardianship

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A legal guardian is a person other than a parent who is appointed by the court to provide care and support for a child, or adult who is unable to care for themselves. Those seeking to be a guardian must either petition the court for appointment, or be appointed by the consent of a spouse or parent. If you are seeking to obtain or defend against a guardianship, Mr. Peterson is an experienced Minnesota legal guardianship attorney that can help.

The guardianship process

Before a guardian may be appointed, an interested person must petition the court to ask for an appointment. The petitioner does not need to be the proposed guardian. The petitioner can be another interested person, such as a family member or certain other persons. The court will have a hearing on the matter an appoint a guardian if it feels such appointment is necessary to protect the “ward”.

Guardianship, however appointed, confers certain powers upon the guardian. The guardian’s powers may be broad and general or limited and specific. Courts tend to prefer, and are required by law, only to grant as much power to the guardian as is needed to effectively protect and care for the ward.

If you are seeking to be appointed, or have someone appointed as a guardian, you should consult with an experienced attorney such as Mr. Peterson today.

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