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Murder is the intentional killing of another, and manslaughter is the unintentional killing of another.  If you are accused of these crimes, Mr. Peterson is an experienced Minnnesota murder attorney that can help.

Types of murder cases

The crime of murder is divided into 2 degrees of significance:

Murder in the First Degree:  This degree of murder involves the intentional killing of another person with premeditation.  Additionally, it includes the unlawful killing of a peace officer or a minor, as well as so-called “felony murder” which is the unlawful killing of another during the commission of certain serious felony crimes.

Murder in the Second Degree:  This lesser charge of murder involves the killing of another committed with intent but without premeditation.

Manslaughter:  Manslaugther can be voluntary or involuntary.  In either case it involves the unintentional killing of of another person, usually caused by recklessness, criminal negligence or a low-level felony.

Consequences and Penalties for a Murder Conviction

The penalties for murder and manslaughter are the most severe in this state.  Conviction for these crimes can involve up to life in prison without the possibility of parole, a long prison sentence with the possibility of parole, registration as a violent criminal, significant fines, and extensive participation in a treatment program.

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