Parenting Time

Parenting Time Attorney in Shakopee, Minnesota Including Scott County, Carver County and Dakota County

Parenting time (which used to be referred to as “visitation“) references the schedule each parent will enjoy with their child(ren) following divorce or adjudication of paternity. Mr. Peterson is a Minnesota divorce lawyer that can help you craft a parenting time plan that is unique to your needs. Parenting time plans often involve a routine access schedule, summer schedule, holiday schedule, division of non-school days, and vacation access.

Parenting Time in Light of Custody

Usually, but not always, if the parties share joint physical custody of a child, the amount time they care for that child is approximately equal. Similarly, if one party is awarded primary physical custody, the non-custodial parent usually enjoys significant, but less than equal, time with a child.

Parenting Time and Child Support

Parenting time has become much more important in light of the updated Minnesota child support guidelines, which take into account the percentage of time each parent spends with a child. The custody label no longer makes a difference in the amount of child support that changes hands. For that reason, we often spend more time talking about the schedule itself, as opposed to the name given to the custodial arrangement.

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