Robbinsdale man avoids conviction and jail time on serious felony assault

On July 10, 2013 in Hennepin County, Minnesota, Mr. Peterson helped his client avoid a conviction for felony domestic assault by strangulation.  He also helped his client avoid doing any jail time, even though the prosecutor had wanted him to do 60 days.  His client pled instead to a misdemeanor assault and will do a small amount of community work service.

Mr. Peterson’s client was accused of strangling his girlfriend and slapping her after getting into a drunken argument.  Mr. Peterson reviewed the State’s case and felt that the alleged victim’s story did not match up with the rest of the case.  Mr. Peterson tracked down and interviewed the alleged victim, who told him that she had made up a story in order to avoid violating her probation.

Mr. Peterson brought this evidence to the prosecutor and the prosecutor initially balked at this claim.  The prosecutor then offered a plea deal that Mr. Peterson knew was much too severe.  Mr. Peterson called the prosecutor’s bluff and aggressively negotiated for a misdemeanor charge with no jail time.

If you have been charged with a crime, you do not have to take whatever resolution the State gives you.  You need an advocate to get you the best deal possible.  Mr. Peterson has the experience and knowledge that will help you get you what you deserve.

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